Who is Sammy Rose?
With their base in Ystad, Sweden the couple Jens Grönberg (illustrator) and Jenny Brandt (photographer & blogger) make images for record labels and magazines. They also make prints for you to hang on your wall. And this is the place to find just that.
PS. Sammy Rose also has an love affair with www.dosfamily.com

No no no. Who is SAMMY ROSE?
Oh, Samantha Rose is Jenny´s niece in Nebraska. 

Is it true that you drink approximately 62 cups of black coffee a day?
No! Are you crazy. Just 31 cups each.

Why do you love wrestling so much?
Jenny: Well, I guess that lots of so called "serious" TV shows claim that they show some sort of "real " world. Like CSI for example, they try way too hard to seem genuine , but come out so transparent. They take themselves way too serious but wrestling never do. They don´t care about Al Pacinio - type of performances. No ,they do as they please. If someone has died and the writers change their minds, they can bring him right back! Just like soaps. Which I also love, I´ve watched Days of our lives for 15 years. Wrestling is a more aggressive type of soap. With intrigues, love affairs and mortal enemies.

Jens: Life is fake wrestling is real.

Your heroes
Jens: Kalle Sändare. 

Jenny: John Waters

And inspiration:
Delta Rhythm boys, the American dance act that learned swedish dance songs and toured the Swedish venues of the fifties.

Mark Borchardt: Whos determination of making his own movie is very inspiring and funny. Watch it in "American Movie"

I guess people who set goals for themselves. Goals  that are for most just lunacy. People with a passion but without pretentiousness.

I strongly dislike pretentious people (Jenny adds)

Oh and of course Pinky, who made TV Carnage.

Rank your five finest toys please.
An Alf plush doll. 
And the complete set of the Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. dolls. Barbie/Ken/Skipper dolls as Daphne, Velma, Fred and Shaggy.

Do you ever turn the TV off?
Of course we do! Sometimes at night. And sometimes we just watch silly things on You Tube for hours instead of watching TV.

Thank you Rebecka Åhlund for asking all the right questions. rebeckaahlund.wordpress.com